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The Most Powerful Bike Alarm

VUZITECH 3D SECURE connects to bike or scooter wiring with a convenient and reliable 10 pin connector.
This allows the System to be removed for use in a new bike or scooter just by adding the wire harness accessory.

Download Vuzitech 3D SECURE App Today!

With a simple app in your phone, you are having full control with your bike.

                      – OR –

Auto Lock & Unlock Bike

When the bike is in “LOCK” mode, it can NOT be started, even when the key is “ON”

When the bike is in “UNLOCK” mode, it can be started when the key is “ON”

Valet & Quiet Mode

Valet Parking
When valet mode is active, Vuzitech 3D Secure never locks your bike

Quiet Mode
Bike horn and light will not active when you tap on Lock, Unlock, Valet, Anti Hijack

Panic & Anti-Hijack Capability

When the bike is in “PANIC” mode, the horn sound and lights will flash.

Anti Hijack
When the bike is Hijacked, it will be locked immediately and the horn will sound within 30 seconds

Trip Log

Keep track of your bike’s routes, including path and time.
Reminder for oil, brake pad changing, helps you to take better care of your bike.

Easy to setup and use!

Click to view full Setup Guide and App Manual.

Setup Guide

Lắp đặt dễ dàng nhanh chóng, không ảnh hưởng tới hệ thống điện của xe.


Tutorial Video

The videos introduce how Vuzitech works and how it functions



A list of questions and answers relating to Vuzitech 3D SECURE



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